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new signific●ance.My heart welled with ten●derness for all living creatures—the over▓flow of the tenderness it had for her.All my s●enses, all my capacities for pain and p▓leasure, were more acute than before.S▓uddenly music, which had been my ●art, became my religion: she had glorifi▓ed it by her devotion.I looked forwar▓d to my next visit with her as a benighte▓d traveler looks forward to the glowing wind●ow that promises rest and shelt▓er: only in my case the light illumina▓t

ed my whole pathway and made the progress towa●rd its source a constant del▓ight instead of a perfunctory▓ labor.But this is the common ▓story of a man in love, and stands without ●te

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lling.Suffice it that before our acquai●ntance was a month old I had got upon the m●ost intimate terms with Mr.Tikulski and Ve●ronika, spending not only every Wednesd●ay evening at their house but also ▓each Sunday afternoon, and ac▓companying her to Hoboken as re▓gularly as she had to go.Never was there● a prouder man than I at those junctures ▓when, with her hand pressed tightly under my ar●m, I felt that she was trusting herself▓ entirely to my charge and that I wa●s answerable for her safety and well-being.Th▓e Hoboken ferry-boats became to my t▓hi

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m▓oonlight.It was as

nking vastly more interesting than the most r●omantic of Venetian gondolas; and to▓

if my life up to t●hat

this day I can not sniff the peculi▓ar stuffy odor that always pe

moment had been passed be

rvades a fer●ry-boat cabin without being transported back a▓cross

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